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Enterprise Challenges

Working as a global network, we help enterprises innovate and transform through holistic and systemic design. We work with enterprises of all shapes and sizes: corporate and institutional clients across a wide range of sectors, small and medium businesses, scaling startups and social enterprises, tackling a variety of key challenges.

Strategic Business Design

Strategic Business Design
Design a smart enterprise to identify and follow through on strategic opportunities

  • Develop new Business Models and capabilities
  • Map out market positioning and ecosystem relations
  • Look ahead with strategic scenarios and foresight

Lean & agile

Lean & Agile
Design a responsive enterprise ready to rapidly respond to disruptive shifts

  • Enable entrepreneurship and innovation through systemic support
  • Respond to opportunities with new or evolved capabilities
  • Design platforms for business agility and resilience

Customer experience

Customer Experience
Design a customer-oriented enterprise to win markets and exceed expectations

  • Include customer success in everything you do
  • Make the link between experience insights and performance
  • Build connected products to consistently deliver value

Future fo work

Future of work
Design a self-organizing enterprise to engage staff members and empower teams

  • Focus on what really matters to your teams and their work
  • Understand culture, workplace reality and staff experience
  • Design systems to support co-creative transformation

Service design & delivery

Service Design & Delivery
Design a useful, well-operating enterprise to deliver value through services

  • Establish opportunities for scale in your enterprise
  • Connect service designs to your target operating model
  • Design your business architecture as a system for change

Design Leadership

Design Leadership
A design-driven enterprise to realize the extraordinary contribution of your design teams

  • Leverage design capabilities for enterprise change
  • Bridge the execution gap to deliver value at scale
  • Boost the impact of your design teams and their work

Which challenges are you facing with your enterprise?

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